Power Key

The research and development department of DPS Solving has developed a new adjustment key, made of highly torsion-resistant steel, which […]

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The evolution of KING’s support: new concept, new design

King is the first support in the world for raised floors with a Patented Converter system, designed to switch the […]

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CERSAIE 21: the news of Dps Solving for raised floors.

DPS Solving presented numerous innovations on its ranges of raised floors at Cersaie 2021, attracting great interest among visitors. The […]

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An Innovative Italian Solution

DPS SOLVING OFFERS EXCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ARCHITECTURE, with technologically-advanced systems availing of the highest degree of innovation, ranging from the King line of outdoor raised flooring supports with exclusive patent, to the design of the advanced acoustic comfort systems of Arté, through to the line of flooring in wood/plastic composite.

DPS Solving is an agile and dynamic company, able to interpret the current market with versatility whilst foreseeing its needs.


Resolve problems and anticipate customer needs

DPS Solving’s mission is focused on the well-being, satisfaction and safety of its customers and users. It pursues this mission, flanking and supporting its clientele with targeted services, personalised consultancy and instruments able to provide immediate and contextualised responses to the needs expressed.


Think creatively, act concretely

DPS Solving’s vision materialises through a method of design and development that is wholly original, upending the usual dynamics and revolutionising the market. The solutions presented are the result of methodical testing, research and attention to ensure the utmost quality in the processes and raw materials. From these premises comes the development of technologically-advanced and original solutions, offering unique features and advantages to the market.


DPS Solving not only develops solutions for architecture, with its lines of high-tech solutions for raised flooring and creative solutions for sound absorption, it also offers consulting and digital tools to greatly simplify the designing and ordering phases. The dedicated software can be used online, such as the King-Klik support configurator or the online system for ordering and monitoring your account with the relative purchase documents always at hand.



DPS Solving’s research and development activities guide the company’s investments towards options that prioritise environmental sustainability and respect along with the safety of its employees, installers and end-users.
The production technology adopted for the production of KING supports, with exclusively-electric presses, minimises emissions whilst special extractor hoods installed on each machine eliminate the faint residues of smoke, ensuring the utmost protection of workers’ health and protection of the environment.
The applicative solutions are designed to best facilitate the installation processes completed by the installers, with systems that are easy to move about and apply in complete safety.
Continuous research, laboratory testing and trials applied to the materials and products are all geared towards evaluating and developing products to provide applicative responses that ensure safety when major risks arise, also throughout the entire life of the product. In fact, DPS Solving is constantly and continuously committed to the development and implementation of solutions able to respond to the most common problems that may arise in its field of operation, offering systems designed to optimise the work and protect people’s safety. Heading in this direction, for example, are the KING Tools solutions, designed to address specific issues in the raised floor industry, such as the ceramics breaking due to hard items falling on them, resistance to medium and strong winds, water stagnation on the tiles and so on.

With us, it’s possible




A vision, a dream, a desire. Imagine it is not only possible but it’s our job to realise it.



Colours that give meaning to the spaces. Forms that add content to the imagination. Materials that touch on beauty.



Researching new technologies each day. Innovating is a systematic way of thinking. It is our business culture.


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