Advanced furnishing solutions for acoustic comfort of indoor environments



Customised sound-absorbing solutions for interior design and furnishing.
Entirely designed and produced in Italy with artisanship.

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DPS Solving Acoustics Division was devised to offer high-tech and aesthetic solutions to acoustic reverberation issues in indoor environments. The Arté range of sound-absorbing panels is designed with the main focus on design. The panels are available in standard geometric forms or can be created according to the provided project, in a wide range of colours to be combined in endless configurations.
With Arté, the DPS SOLVING Acoustics Division becomes the spokesperson of Italian style around the world, with top-quality solutions availing of high-performance upholstery fabrics, through manual processes that exalt originality, wisdom and centuries-old experience of master craftsmen within each production.
The Arté panels are split into three large families that differ in terms of the stylistic choice of the edging. The Arté Feel range features an elegant saddle stitching, hand-stitched by skilled artisans, conferring the uniqueness and charm of Made in Italy. The Arté Need range, also entirely produced in Italy, is characterised by its modern and clean lines. Finally, the MyArté range presents designers and customers with the possibility to give free reign to their creativity, thanks to the option of creating panels according to an original design and to even customise the panels with inkjet printing on the upholstery.