Our history is with an eye to the future

DPS SOLVING WAS FOUNDED IN ANCONA IN 2015, thanks to the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs hailing from the world of design and manufacture of plastic moulds, with a wealth of knowledge regarding the processes for plastic moulding in combination with other materials.


DPS Solving is characterised by a completely autonomous production process, composed of the latest generation electric presses. Innovative techniques for co-moulding different types of plastics or combined with other materials are adopted in the production process.

The research and development department takes a dynamic approach, with a consistent focus on analysing demand and architectural trends. It collaborates closely with the technical studio composed of planning experts, highly skilled to propose new and functional solutions, then engineered and transformed into moulds using an internal design process.


Two strategic poles for a structure in constant growth

The production plant in Matelica (MC) boasts the latest injection moulding presses. Electrical presses have been chosen for the production, with a very low environmental impact thanks to the consumption being 10 times lower than hydraulic presses and the utmost health of the working environment. Finally, suction hoods have been installed over each press in the production plant to remove any fumes that may result from the moulding process and direct them into the appropriate channels.

The logistics hub in Cologna Veneta provides over 2,000 square metres of warehousing to meet market demands from northern Italy and Europe, while the logistics base in Matelica, extending over 1,500 square metres, meets the distribution needs of central and southern Italy, favouring transport by sea.

Rapid growth supported by significant investments has led to the expansion of the production site, which recently moved to Matelica (MC), in a plant whose extent is fourfold internally and tenfold externally compared to the previous location.

The logistics headquarters in Cologna Veneta has also recently increased in size in order to effectively respond to its logistic role for the central-north.

What’s more, significant investments have been made in both locations in terms of worker safety, in order to protect the health and well-being of the personnel we care so much about.





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Alberto Cocco is a Chief Executive Officer of DPS Solving.

In this role he deals with the assessment of the company organizational structure, administration management, accounting planning and analysis of strategic plans, bringing the contribution of long experience in managerial roles, gained by managing the business dynamics also from a technical point of view / commercial in various areas of the construction sector.


Executive Director

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Riccardo Griggio is the Export Manager and Executive Director of DPS Solving – Flooring Division.

His contribution in the role of manager derives from his solid training and specialisation in foreign languages along with his professional experience gained in the commercial field for companies in the metallurgical sector. An expert in metal and plastic materials, he makes a significant contribution to the development of new products. His familiarity with foreign languages then allows him to communicate and develop the company’s commercial range throughout Europe, Asia and America.



ARTÉ Brand Manager

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Alessandro Fugazza is the Brand Manager of DPS Solving – Acoustic Division.

He was first introduced to the textile sector whilst completing his studies in Economics, before gaining entrepreneurial experience in the clothing industry. Throughout the years, he has gained in-depth knowledge of acoustic technology. Today, he synthesises his acquired skills by developing systems and solutions for acoustic comfort, of which the fabrics are the protagonists.