The evolution of KING’s support: new concept, new design

King is the first support in the world for raised floors with a Patented Converter system, designed to switch the base from fixed into self-leveling mode. Today the Converter system presents important technical innovations in its design, aimed at further simplifying the application phases.

The new Converter of King support allows the screw to position itself in a unique way, on the fixed or self-leveling mode, eliminating any uncertainty.

The technical excellence to which DPS Solving solutions always aim has led to the development of a new design of the screw and of the King base, in order to make the positioning and conversion phase between the two modes even more intuitive, simple and immediate.

The new base has a reinforced structure to further improve the bearing capacity of the support, which is already excellent for its category.

Fixed base / self-leveling base.
King pedestals are always supplied in self-leveling mode (B) so that the pins of the base are in correspondence with the wider and clearly distinguishable openings of the screw, allowing the free movement for the self-leveling application.

If needed, to convert King pedestals in fixed mode (A) it is necessary to unlock base and screw from the self-leveling mode position, then combining again the two elements together by simply positioning the pins of the base in correspondence with the appropriate smaller slots in the screw and pushing the two elements until the joint is locked.



The articulated base allows to compensate the level differences up to 5% of the surface without compensators and keeps the center of gravity of the support always at the center of the base, in favor of a better stability compared to supports with self-leveling head.