Artè with triple protection antibacterial fabric: against bacterial transmission, acoustic reverberation and fire-resistant.

DPS Solving Acoustics Division sound absorbing panels are now also available in the ANTIBACTERIAL fabric version.

Artè Antibacterial is the antibacterial fabric cover that can be combined on request with all Artè range products and it is realized without additional treatments. Artè Antibacterial shows antibacterial and fire-retardant properties, which do not decrease with washing, nor with the wear of time because they are integrated in the fabric yarn.

The fabric performs a triple protective action in indoor environments: it inhibits bacterial growth and transmission, contrasts the acoustic reverberation and it complies with the main international fire standards.

Certified antibacterial action

Antibacterial action and skin tolerance of Artè Antibacterial fiber are certified by the Hohenstein Institute. Furthermore, its antibacterial action has been validated by passing the protocol-based test JIS L 1902.

The fabric active action against bacteria works thanks to silver ions anchored to the polymer of the yarn together with the antimicrobial agents. Silver ions damage bacteria as soon as they come in contact with the fabric, preventing their multiplications and diffusion. These properties, inherent in the fabric, are permanent and they are not damaged neither by frequent washing nor by the wear of time.

Antibacterial action of Artè Antibacterial also contrasts the formation of unpleasant odors, caused by the presence of bacteria on surfaces, improving hygiene of living spaces. Artè Antibacterial, indeed, helps to keep the fabric clean and fresh longer and, therefore, the living space healthier and more protected.  

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