In DPS Solving, quality is a fixed point

Quality, research and continuous improvement: the links in the chain of value

In DPS Solving, the process of improvement and growth is continuous, involving the entire organisation. The structure continues to grow, both in terms of sales figures with the inclusion of persons dedicated to the German-speaking market – for Austrian, German and Swiss clients that add to the sales figures already deriving from the French, English, Russian and Romanian consumers – as well as the production workers operating across 3 shifts, with a 24-hour production cycle to offer faster response times and super swift delivery of orders.

In early July, a third electric press produced in Japan – an absolute excellence in machinery for this sector – was inaugurated and put into operation, having low consumption and producing no emissions. In this way, the company’s production capacity has taken a further step forward, always maintaining top-level quality standards.

The continuous process of research and development is also leading to the emergence of new lines of supports for raised flooring – which will add to the King and Junior ranges – with differing technical capacities able to meet the needs expressed by an alternate segment of the elevated market.

All DPS Solving solutions share the same focus and scrupulousness in the use of top-quality raw materials, purchased from a few carefully-selected suppliers.

Upstream of the Flooring division, the company decided to adopt calcium carbonate-filled polypropylene for the entire production, availing of a polymer rich in rubber to add elasticity to the products, able to withstand significant thermal shocks. In addition, the grey colour of all the supports visually expresses the use of nobler and carefully selected recycled components, which preserve the properties of the polymer. The quality of research and the control of the compound at the base of the polymer are attested by conformity with the European Union Reach regulation and the RoHS Directive, obligatory for the German market. Furthermore, the use of Shore 85 rubber results in the stability and durability of the product during use – resulting in assurances in performance that have led the company to offer a 5-year warranty on all supports.

The same can be said for the Artè lines of the Acoustic Division, which has adopted for the covering of its sound-absorbing panels, Trevira CS fabrics, being characterised by their fire-resistance, colour stability and a resistance to abrasion and dirt. The competence and artistic sensitivity applied to the artisan workmanship entirely completed in Italy, constitute the productive foundation of a solution with high technicality – as is the case with Artè – paired with a degree of customisation to achieve a unique work.

The commitment in the field of all-round quality sees the company engaged in the certification process in line with the ISO 9001 regulation. This strategic choice confirms the path taken towards constant organisational, productive and qualitative improvement.