Customer needs as the driving force behind the development of our solutions

DPS Solving is a company entirely built around concrete market needs and demands. From the very outset, the company’s research activities have been focused on the in-depth analysis of the typical problems in our fields of expertise, developing products and solutions that anticipate and respond to design and application needs, filling the technical and technological gaps in respect of the products available on the market to date.

Productive flexibility for a timely response

Continuous investments are aimed at increasing the production capacity, along with a custom-oriented approach based on flexibility, able to offer effective responses during peak order periods also with full production.
A new 350-tonne electric press, availing of Japanese technology, will shortly be operational, being top of the range in the industry. This new machine, from the same family as those already present within DPS Solving, significantly accelerates production, increases the King range’s production capacity and maintains the moulding quality parameters at the highest levels, whilst having an energy consumption that is almost 90% lower than other presses of the same tonnage with hydraulic drive. This also strengthens the endline on the machine, to be even more efficient in packaging. In fact, the entire production process – from the transformation of polypropylene to the finished product, through to the logistics and storage – is managed in-house and thus constantly monitored.
Speaking of quality leads us to declare our next important goal, being to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the company. This is a challenge we must face immediately: just a year after our foundation, we must be increasingly dependable, to approach our work with systematic passion each day, reinforcing the path undertaken that aims towards the constant improvement of our organisation.

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