DPSSolving NEWS 19 Aprile 2019

DPS Solving: solutions for indoor and outdoor architecture

DPS Solving is the new Corporate Brand of DPS Floor, developed to express and give concrete expression to the rapid exponential growth underway and the expansion towards new production and commercial areas, which has led to an upgrade to the corporate identity.
Thus arose the two business units of DPS Solving Flooring Division & DPS Solving Acoustics Division, each dedicated to providing advanced, effective and unique responses in their specific sectors of reference: the raised flooring market for the Flooring Division with the KING, KING JUNIOR and KING TOOLS solutions coupled with the furnishing, interior design and acoustic comfort sector for the Acoustics Division with the brand ARTÉ.

Evolution following change and growth

A path of constant growth such as that of DPS requires the support of strategies and actions predisposed in a way that naturally favours change, to seize all opportunities of this positive and dynamic trend.
An entrepreneurial vision that is open to the future has guided the company’s strategy towards important and constant investments in research, in the technological development of cutting-edge solutions capable of supporting the market’s growing demand, including anticipating trends and customer needs, with sales closing in on being ten times that of 2017.
The production capacity, which has also doubled in a few months, required the expansion of the spaces and the recruitment of personnel across all departments. The growth of the two business hubs – one being entirely dedicated to production and the other to the logistical, administrative and commercial actives, respectively located in Matelica in the province of Macerata and in Cologna Veneta in the province of Verona – go hand-in-hand in their implementation.
The new production site in Matelica, inaugurated in March 2019, has quadrupled the surface area compared to the prior headquarters in Cerreto D’Esi, with 1,500 square metres of covered area, designed and constructed to meet the needs of plastic moulding, an area reserved for packaging, an elegant office building and a large open-space area for handling goods.
The logistic and commercial hub of Cologna Veneta boasts a 2,000-square-metre warehouse and over 1,500 square metres of outdoor area. It is here within these headquarters that the commercial and communication strategies, the investments and supply chain logic are decided upon for a clientele hailing from all over Europe and beyond, with deliveries throughout northern Italy being increasingly managed by the domestic fleet.
For both locations, significant investments were made in adapting the structures and workplace safety.

Quality and attention to every single detail

The means of communication, commercial strategies and production technologies of DPS Solving are extremely dynamic and constantly evolving. That which does not change over time is the quality standards for the raw materials and the processed products, along with the workplace safety standards, on which the company makes no compromise.
The quality permeates the production and distribution process across all levels. This is the case for the packaging standards, for example, in which meticulous packaging procedures are followed. The boxes containing the products not only boast double wall corrugated cardboard, produced using a rigid drying process and treated against moisture, the use of top-quality pallets, being expandable thanks to being developed with nanotechnology, the corners on all 4 sides and the lids that protect against moisture, all demonstrate at first glance the attention that the company pays to its customers.
Whether talking about high-tech industrial productions such as KING’s production line or customising designs created with combined wisdom and the meticulous care by the Arté artisans, the attention to quality and value of Made in Italy are the calling card of all advanced DPS Solving solutions.


DPS Solving’s Vision: the customer is central

Customer needs as the driving force behind the development of our solutions

DPS Solving is a company entirely built around concrete market needs and demands. From the very outset, the company’s research activities have been focused on the in-depth analysis of the typical problems in our fields of expertise, developing products and solutions that anticipate and respond to design and application needs, filling the technical and technological gaps in respect of the products available on the market to date.

Productive flexibility for a timely response

Continuous investments are aimed at increasing the production capacity, along with a custom-oriented approach based on flexibility, able to offer effective responses during peak order periods also with full production.
A new 350-tonne electric press, availing of Japanese technology, will shortly be operational, being top of the range in the industry. This new machine, from the same family as those already present within DPS Solving, significantly accelerates production, increases the King range’s production capacity and maintains the moulding quality parameters at the highest levels, whilst having an energy consumption that is almost 90% lower than other presses of the same tonnage with hydraulic drive. This also strengthens the endline on the machine, to be even more efficient in packaging. In fact, the entire production process – from the transformation of polypropylene to the finished product, through to the logistics and storage – is managed in-house and thus constantly monitored.
Speaking of quality leads us to declare our next important goal, being to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the company. This is a challenge we must face immediately: just a year after our foundation, we must be increasingly dependable, to approach our work with systematic passion each day, reinforcing the path undertaken that aims towards the constant improvement of our organisation.


Listening skills and timely responses: priority objectives for DPS Solving

The objectives of sharing and dissemination

DPS Solving’s corporate structure has been developed and tailored in line with the needs of the customer, with a well-defined communicative ambition, being to express the high technicality in our products through concepts that are clear and immediately understandable even by those not working in the field. This objective has animated and conditioned the renewal of our catalogues and brochures that are soon to be published, characterised by a simplification of the language in accordance with the visual immediacy and explanatory clarity.
Two of our main strong points are speed and versatility: our streamlined and punctual sales structure together with tailored management tools ensure customer order are swiftly introduced and fulfilled, even for small lots.

Dialogue requires knowing how to listen

All pre-sales and after-sales services are structured to ensure an uninterrupted dialogue with our customers, including targeted quotes and consultations, personalised orders and compliance with the agreed-upon delivery times, thanks to the internal fleet of carriers operating throughout an extensive area in the centre-north of Italy.
In everything we do, we first consider the well-being and satisfaction of our customers, whilst also focusing on creating solid rapports with our suppliers, being vital to the success of our business, not to mention our collaborators who are essential for the dissemination of our products. Our first goal is to put people at ease, to listen before speaking, to build a dynamic, heartfelt exchange that ensures it is pleasant, helpful and constructive to liaise with us. Our offices have also been designed with this in mind, being structured to welcome, to be open to curious eyes, to make passing through or hanging out a pleasant experience.
The selection of top-quality raw materials, the warranty that comes with the products and the continuous search for new solutions are all important stimuli dictated by the desire to offer the market even more, so that the result of the design, installation or experience of using our products respectively means certainty, safety and well-being.

DPS Solving at CERSAIE 2019

We conclude with a quick mention of DPS Solving’s upcoming presence at CERSAIE 2019, which represents a strategic mission for our company at a communications and technical level. The Bologna event offers us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to our public with the entire scope of our technological reasoning and the innovations developed throughout the year, thus becoming a real stage on which to launch, exhibit and narrate the solutions developed today, presented with a view already focused on the new challenges to be faced tomorrow.